Download oa-connect version 1.0.1 for Linux (< 6 kB | sha256 checksum)

  • Changelog
    • v1.0.1 Readme changes, comment changes
    • v1.0 initial release

  • About oa-connect
    • oa-connect is a serverlist app for linux. It's a simple (< 100 lines of code) php script running on php build-in webserver on your PC, together with a small (< 50 lines) bash script which looks for a change of connect.txt and starts OpenArena if a server IPv4:Port is written there by the PHP-Script.
      You can connect to Servers with a Connect button on Serverlist.
  • Requirements
    • oa-connect requires php (tested with PHP 7.2) and inotify-tools, optional chromium-browser: apt-get install inotify-tools php chromium-browser
      oa-connect works great with chromium-browser --app mode (Screenshot)
  • Usage
    • After installing the Requirements, just execute oa-connect.sh with your user, it doesn't require admin rights (ofc). make sure connect.txt is read/writeable.
      the script tries to start OpenArena from /usr/games/openarena (default ubuntu/debian install path)
      if u run OpenArena from the official files or use your own engine you may want to change that path in line 4 of oa-connect.sh.
  • Legal Stuff
    • all files included in the zip (oa-connect.sh, index.php, exit.html, favicon.ico, connect.txt), are licensed under the terms of the MIT license. see MIT.txt in your downloaded zip.
      The privacy policy of evilarena.de also applies to using oa-connect (because oa-connect fetches the serverlist from evilarena.de)
  • Thanks
    • to dpmaster.deathmask.net. great masterserver and site. :)
  • Last words
    • i created oa-connect for my daily use. i hope you also enjoy using it.