Welcome to Evil OpenArena Clan


Dear reader,

the Evil|Clan Website has changed a lot lately, the Forum is gone. There are 2 different Archives if you're interested in the history of this Clan.

There are also 2 Media pages, one links to the Clans Youtube Channel and a second page has a few Images of long gone Galleries on it.

Evil FAQ (well.. not really frequently)
  • Is Evil dead?
    • The Evil never dies, same counts for Evil|Clan. :)
  • But.. but i heard Evil is dead!
    • Heretics.
  • Why is the Forum gone?
    • Well, in 2018 came a new european privacy protection law ( GDPR ), which is a really good thing. But while running a Forum, a lot of Data is collected. IP-Addresses, Forum Profile information and many more. I would need to create a Privacy Policy in the language the site uses mainly.. which is english. As you can see. not my native language. It's impossible for me to do this in a proper way. I would need a lawyer and this would be expensive. So i've gone the easy way, removed all personal data and don't collect any. Which also means no Forum. :)
  • Okay.. GDPR and all... Wheres the Privacy Policy??
  • What happened between 2010 and 2012? No Archive?
    • I left Evil|Clan somewhen 2010. Evil|ObaMa kept the Website up and running so i have no backups of the Forumposts back then.
      in 2011 (i guess) i founded L!ve Clan (Evil backwarts btw..) together with Kernwasser and Kneipe (Epienk)
      later, in 2012, me and a few other people left L!ve Clan because we were upset with the Voting system to let new Players in the Clan..
      so we founded Evil|Clan again which went offline in the meantime.
  • Who made the Evil|Clan logo?
    • It's made by Toxicity, former co-leader of Evil|Clan. (in 2009)
  • Who are you and why do you run this?
    • I'm Evil|PaniC.. Leader of the Evil|Clan. I run this to keep a bit history alive.. its a fun project for me. And another reason.. see #1 of this FAQ. :)

thanks for your interest

- PaniC